You Can Help Keep This Child Alive with $18

Meet Maayan. She was born a healthy baby girl. Here she is, at age 2.

At age 3, everything began to change.

Maayan’s parents were told that their daughter had a rare neurological disease, Batten Disease, that would gradually rob Ma’ayan of her vision, all muscle use and mobility, ability to breath, cause Epilepsy, and severe lung disease.

Today, Maayan is 12 years old. Her life is filled with machines, medications, daily seizures, and brushes with death.
This requires 24 hour, around the clock supervision, care, and monitoring. You can help to keep Maayan alive.

About Maayan’s Parents

Her parents are dedicated to caring for their children, working hard to provide Maayan with everything that she needs and keep her at home with her family. The cost of Maayan’s medical care well exceeds that of the average salary where her family resides.

The government assistance covers doctors, home visits, and medicine. However, it does not cover the full time nursing coverage that is needed to ensure that Maayan continues living. Because Maayan is post-tracheostomy surgery, she is dependent on a caretaker each millisecond of the day in order to stay alive.

Maayans parents have exhausted all avenues of support over the past several years to keep their daughter alive. They have looked into all of the possible options available and have spent countless hours doing so.

Your can help with a monthly donation of $18.
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More about this campaign: Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a gave his bracha for this campaign.

Meet Devorah Hadassah/Maayan’s Ima:

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