Wellsprings of Maayan. Come find your wellspring…

Our Message


The greatest success is saying thank you in life’s most trying times.

– Y.B.



Maayan was born healthy, like every healthy child running walking singing dancing she always had a smile. Then at the age of 3 she began to fall, she regressed in her speech to completely not talking then she lost the use of her legs and arms…



For 5 years we could not find a reason why she was going through this, until we got a diagnosis…Batten Disease a rare neurological disease. As we coped with life’s most difficult challenges we found hope, faith and a reason to say thank you, here is our story…



As the founder of daily online chat, Emunah Upgrades with Maayan, Devorah Hadassah has spoken to and helped countless people transform a difficult situation by finding the “thank you” in lifes most “difficult situations. She has spoken to large groups and individuals throughout the world coaching and helping people “find their wellspring”. Now we as a family want to say thank you.



Our family story of transforming life’s most difficult challenges into a life full gratitude.

Finding peace and happiness in the most difficult news.

Developing love in the most difficult relationships.


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