A visualization of healing in connection to the Chanukah candles


Visualization by Devorah Hadassah Liebermann

Alongside the candles, ideally within the first 30 minutes but not excluded
to, because in the first 30 minutes there is a very strong connection to the
Ohr haGanuz .
Please if you are able to say the prayer for healing before doing this
Breathe gently and stare into the shal-hevet (flame) per advice of the Arizal.
Set your intention to usher in the refua shlema of Ma’ayan bas Devorah
Hadassah and that of your loved ones.
The intention is to connect to the great compassion of HKBH and to release
any attachment to any outcome. Ask Hashem to allow you to rely and trust
completely upon Him for your desired yeshua. Ask him to set your
intention to visualize Ma’ayan completely healed and beseech Him to hear
your prayer not based on your merits but upon His great compassion. Set
your intention to humbly ask him to allow Ma’ayan to fulfill her tikkun in
this life as a revealed, tangible and sweet reality.
Say silently in your mind or as a quiet whisper the following:
Av Ha-Rachamim
I humbly come before you and I beseech You on behalf of your great
compassion to allow my words and visualization to be accepted. I yearn for
the complete refuah shleima of Ma’ayan bas Devorah Hadassah and I know
with full emuna that you yearn to shower compassion upon Ma’ayan not
based on my merits but based on your great compassion and unconditional
love. Please allow my following visualization to be pleasing in your heart. I
thank You in advance for the miracle that only You could do, and I trust
and rely solely upon you for this yeshua. Hashem, I know that You only do
good, I trust in You.
1) Imagine now in your mind’s eye vividly her healing actualized:
Ma’ayan sitting up and talking,
have a conversation with her.
See her blond hair flowing, and blue eyes sparkling.
2) Then imagine her walking and dancing, even holding your hand.
See her run to hug her mother, her father, her siblings as she holds each in
a tight embrace.
See her breathing without machines, and even hear her singing.
See her beautiful long fingers play the piano.
See her laughing and playing with her siblings as they sit in wonderment.
3) Imagine that she says to You, Mashiach is here and He will soon be
Imagine she tells You to always keep in mind the truth of Ain Od Milvado.
4) See her doing all of these things for the glory of HKBH.
See her saying to HKBH, “My life is for You and I will do your Ratzon. I
trust and rely solely on You to decide whatever is best for me. I love You
unconditionally Abba.”
5) See the glory of HKBH fill the space you are in. Bask in the light
permeating every ounce of your being. Keep repeating, “Ain od
Milvado” for as long as you can. Just be there silent as long as you can
6) Thank HKBH in advance for the yeshua as a free gift based on His
great compassion.
Repeat the visualization for your loved ones.
As you have prayed for another before yourself your prayers are more likely
to be answered.
I Thank you with all of my heart for softly beseeching HKBH to change the
current seemingly painful din to that of revealed, tangible sweetness in this
life. Rak Hashem.
May the blesser be blessed, Devorah Hadassah Liebermann