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Funds needed immediately
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Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a gave his bracha for this campaign


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We can do it!

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HER PHLEGM IS FATAL… THE VENTILATOR IS BEEPING…Maayan is 11. She could be learning Chumash, baking cookies with her siblings and hanging out with her friends.But Maayan’s life is filled with machines, medications, seizures, and daily life or death episodes which require 24 HOUR monitoring.

What do you do when your child is GASPING FOR AIR?
Maayan was born a healthy and adorable girl, but at age 3 her medical mysteries began and thrust her into the devastating world of Batten Disease which is a rare neurological disease that has robbed Maayan of her vision, all her muscle use and mobility, with epilepsy and severe lung disease included. Maayan’s devoted parents juggle her 24 hour needs along with their 4 other children. Their day nurse provides critical care to Maayan so the family can function normally.

Now, her night nursing care has become an absolute necessity but the crushing cost is impossible for us to meet, alone!

Our goal is to raise funds for 24/7 nursing care and to ensure that the family caretakers continue to care for Maayan or they will otherwise be compelled to leave, forcing an impossible burden onto Maayan’s parents.

Funds are urgently needed for Maayan:
Nursing Care 24/7: $150,000/year

Ma’ayan has 4 siblings: A 13 yr old sister, 9 yr old brother, 7 yr old sister,and a 4 yr old sister… all of whom desperately need their parents loving care as well. Raised funds will give both Maayan and her siblings the mommy and daddy that they need to thrive and succeed.

A Personal Note from Maayan’s Parents:
To Our Dear Brother’s and Sisters in K’lal Yisrael,

The Hashgacha (fortuitous timing) of this Chanuka Campaign boosts us with an extra glimmer of hope and encouragement. May Hash-m bless each of you with a Wellspring of Blessings (a Maayan of Bracha) and miracles! With our deepest thanks.

–Devorah Hadassah & Yochanan Liebermann


This date of Tu B’Av is a day that holds so much power , it’s the day that is written in Babylonian Talmud Tractate Ta’anit chapter 4, page 106, as Shimon Ben Gamliel said, ‘There are no better days in Israel than Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur.’ The month of Av also holds tremendous power so much so that nothing new is to be started on any of the days because the energy created during these days is too much for a vessel to hold, except Tu B’Av.  This is why we are launching this website and on this date. This day will allow us to connect to that enormous light and allows us break free of our own prisons both mentally and emotionally and work through our fears in our relationships and realize instead our enormous potential to be our best selves, serve H-shem and love others unconditionally!  Y.B.

Maayan literally embodies this! She is so physically beautiful, Ky’h long golden locks , stunning blue eyes, long limbed, a picture of beauty , but she is essentially trapped in her body she cannot see or move or breath on her own.
Yet her neshama is NOT trapped in any way at all it’s completely FREE, it soars and touches thousands around the world showing them the wonders of Hashem and how much we need to thank him for every tiny thing and how grateful we should all be loving unconditionally.

She shows us how H-shem is with us always she lights thousands of souls all around the world so they can be their best selves and better serve H-shem and bring Him nachas always and ultimately he geula Shleima Bekarov mamesh!

-Estee Zafir

“Maayan’s machine is beeping… I have to go now…pray!”

A child’s breathing ventilator beeps in the background mid-sentence as Devorah Hadassah, Maayan’s mother leaves the above voice message for her friend.

If the beep is not attended to right away, G-d forbid, a child could choke on their phlegm filled breathing passages. This is the fragility that 11-yr-old Maayan faces everyday.  Maayan’s parents, Yochanan and Devorah Hadassah are on call 24/7 with the above scenario repeating itself many times per day and night.  Unfortunately, emergency visits to the hospital are not uncommon.

Maayan has Batten Disease, a degenerative nervous system disease, which has currently caused in Maayan, epilepsy, blindness, and severe degenerative lung disease.

This campaign is under the auspices of Rabbi Aaron David Neustadt, K’hal Chassidim, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem with brachos and haskamos from Rav Shmuel Steinhaus, Yavniel.

“The child reminds me of a china teapot…oh so priceless…and to be moved from chair to bed with utmost caution…Oh please G-d no…let her breathe…let her be okay…”

I winced just now as I walked into Maayan’s bedroom to administer late night meds. I my warm tear rested on her very soft cheek and I wondered how she feels this Tisha b ‘Av. My thoughts went immediately to how delicate she is and how the upcoming move is fraying on my nerves due to her precarious condition. Just now as I’m writing I jumped off of my stool as she with out a warning beeped signaling distress. Oh please G-d no..let her breathe..let her be okay. Often on important holy days she suffers more so than other days..lo aleinu.

IyH😌L Shem Shamayim
-Devorah Hadassa Liebermann, Maayan’s mother

The Lieberman family has a very unique situation.

They moved to Israel 9 years ago with two healthy children BH ages 1 and 3. Two years later unbeknownst to them their one year old named Maayan became terribly ill with the onset of Batten’s disease a rare degenerative neurological disease which she was diagnosed with 5 years later and multiple hospitalizations later.

The disease has as of today resulted in

  • severe lung disease
  • Loss of vision
  • Severe epilepsy
  • This once healthy child has also stopped walking talking swallowing and
  • needs 24 HR life support to not choke on her phlegm.


• Handicap-accessible, hospital-equipped Mini In-Home Hospital

• Critical medical needs:

  • Electrical generator for electrical emergencies
  • Updated Vest lung equipment as hers is slowly tearing and doesn’t fit
  • High-tech inhalation machines as well as other medical and personal needs for Maayan
  • Lung therapy machine is broken and needs a replacement
  • Intercom/ video system needed to monitor efficiently throughout home and outside of home

This campaign is under the auspices of Rabbi Aaron David Neustadt, K’hal Chassidim, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, with brachos and haskamos from Rav Shmuel Steinhaus, Yavniel.

Rabbinical Verification available on request. (See letter below attached)

100% of your donation goes to Maayan.

“When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.”

ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה

Modeh ani lifanecha, will never be the same for me and many others! Devorah Hadassa in her inimitable way starts our mornings off with her beautiful voice letting us all know that we are blessed to be able to have another day of life!”, says Estee Zimmerman from Montreal, who has been on the “Emuna Upgrades with Maayan“Whatsapp chat for a few years. The chat is inspiring many people around the world, from all different walks of life.
Each documented struggle of Maayan’s, inspires each person, to do more, pray more and hope more.

Maayan & the Liebermann Family are Already Helping So Many Others!


Maayan Lieberman is an angelic little girl, who from the age of 3 years old, began exhibiting signs of a rare, degenerative, neurological disorder, know as Batten disease. It is a severe lung disease that offers an array of heart-stopping symptoms; acute epilepsy, loss of vision, degeneration of all faculties (she functioned as any regular child. Now she cannot walk or talk), and she needs 24hr life support to make sure she does not choke on the phlegm build up.

Deborah Hadassah and Yochanan, the stalwart parents of a family of 5, have all the daily needs and struggles of a regular large family – that has made aliya. For most of us, that in itself is an undertaking that requires stamina, patience, resources and tons of emuna. When they made aliyah from North Carolina, Maayan was a happy-go-lucky 1-year-old, with one 3 yr old sister. Their lives took a drastic turn when Maayan began having violent seizures, followed by rapid degeneration of her voluntary functions. After years of in and out hospitalizations, the family decided to set up an in a home-hospitalization. They wanted her to remain with her other four siblings, and always be part of the family, as opposed to institutionalizing her. One of the biggest challenges they face is just keeping Maayan safe. She needs constant supervision with her feeding tube, medications and constant suctioning of the phlegm in her lungs. When she coughs she can aspirate if it’s not suctioned immediately. As well as dealing with unrelenting epilepsy.

Modeh ani lifanecha, will never be the same for me and many others! Devora Hadassa in her inimitable way starts our mornings off with her beautiful voice letting us all know that we are blessed to be able to have another day of life!”, says Estee Zimmerman from Montreal, who has been on the What’s app chat for a few years. Emuna Upgrades with Maayan, the chat that was started as an off-shoot from a different what’s app group, is inspiring many people around the world, from all different walks of life. From the moment Devorah Hadassa began the group, her life has changed immeasurably – especially her nights. The nights, which consist of watching Maayan vigilantly, making sure she is breathing and turning her over from time to time, were mainly a challenge that she faced in complete solitude. She and her husband have seen the hand of Hashem in every moment of this journey, but that did not take away from the loneliness and anguish of the quiet early morning hours. Suddenly the chat allowed her to have support from around the world, to request prayers when Maayan’s fever spikes, or when her lungs fill with water. She was able to receive strength from outside her realm, and in turn, has inspired so many people, mothers especially in the plight of keeping her daughter alive, whilst having complete faith and unwavering calm. Estee adds, “ We are in awe of the way Devorah Hadassa can let us in and share with us – what to our ears – is the most heart wrenching or difficult complex situations , and yet she doesn’t see it quite like that , she works it though and takes us with her as she talks to G-d! It’s not fake , it’s real and we see her “flip” the negative energy and use it to create Mitzvos all through Maayan !” 

“Maayan inspires each person to DO more, PRAY more & HOPE more”

“My husband and I are extremely grateful that Am Yisrael has come together under the auspices of this group.”, quips Deborah Hadassa. “My original intention was to bring Maayan’s inspiration to Klal Yisrael – which it has done. But what I never imagined was the strength that it gives her in return!”

Like all mothers, Deborah Hadassah is able to read and understand Maayan’s emotions and expressions, through intuition. Se reads the comments from people to Maayan, people send videos of their kids and Maayan’s expressions change, she opens her eyes. Devorah Hadassah can sense the happiness that in evokes in Maayan. The input for Maayan is extremely healing. In turn, each documented struggle of Maayan’s inspires each person on the chat, to do more, pray more and hope more.

It was through the efforts of the women on the Whats app group, who have banded together after the Lieberman family’s lease expired. This will be the fifth move for them. A move for any regular family is stressful and costly, but in their case they would have to move a mini hospital each time, and watch Maayans precarious position possibly worsen due to the changes around her and the influx of stress and pressure on the family. The ladies of the chat have begun a chesed fund campaign – with the intention of raising money for the Liebermanns that they can actually buy a house in Israel, and have some financial burdens alleviated.

Devorah Hadassah and Yochanan are floored at the achdut of Am Yisrael. “Tears come to my eyes when I stop to ponder the immensity of your commitment to bring this child and her family a stable home in Eretz Yisrael. HoDu L’Hasem Ki Tov, Ki l’olam chasdo. (Give thanks to Hashem for He is good. His kindness endures forever!)”



Your contribution to this tremendous, yet humble child and family will bring us closer to Mashiach.
We want Ma’ayan to usher in Mashiach personally. And we believe she will. With the help from all Am Yisrael.

When I met this amazing family, they had two beautiful girls, and the mother was pregnant with their third child. They made aliyah from North Carolina to Be’er Sheva, and I met them soon thereafter. Devorah Hadassah, the mother of the family, and I hit it off right away. Eventually they moved away from Be’er Sheva. Over the next few years, along with having more children, Devorah and her husband Yochanan were deep in hospital visits and tests for their second child, Ma’ayan, who had started to have seizures. I remembered Ma’ayan as a gorgeous little two year old, perfectly healthy. But at around age three, a rapid deterioration began, that was out of the grasp of the medical community. Nobody had any idea what was happening to this formerly healthy child. Seizures, and eventual regression in all areas of independence… walking, talking, seeing, swallowing, toileting. It was very, very scary, and none of the medications the doctors tried seemed to work. Nobody could figure out what was rapidly happening to this once perfectly healthy child.

Eventually, through a very brilliant neurologist and rigorous genetic testing, an answer was found. It’s called Batten disease (type CLN2). It is a recessive genetic disorder. It is also known to be fatal; May Hashem continue to grant her breath and life!

The family decided to keep Ma’ayan home, in a home-hospitalization set-up. She was no longer physically safe being in a school setting. They wanted her to remain with her other four siblings, and always be part of the family, as opposed to institutionalizing her. Ma’ayan needs round-the-clock care with her feedings (through a tube in her abdomen), medications, and constant suctioning of the phlegm in her lungs which she cannot swallow when she coughs (and can aspirate, chas v’shalom, if it’s not suctioned immediately). This is an aspect of Batten disease, a constant state of severe lung disease. Together with the severe epilepsy she still deals with daily, the family has struggled day and night just to keep Ma’ayan safe.

They have had wonderful household help, and some medical helpers keeping watch on Ma’ayan for time periods, but nothing consistent enough. The other four children need everything that healthy kids need, also. Devorah and Yochanan don’t sleep much. Someone always has to be awake with Ma’ayan 24/7.

They have finally been granted the assistance of having a foreign worker live with them to assist with Ma’ayan. The worker came September 2018. The expense however is tremendous. Neither parent is able to work and bring in an income because of Ma’ayan’s round-the-clock care needs. The family is living on the generosity of the State of Israel’s assistance, but it’s not nearly enough.

Pouring out my heart. Seeing Shechina in exile. Trading all tears of despairDevorah Hadassah LISTEN TO SONG: For MaayanVocalist: Yocheved Shull 

For Maayan Song

Emunah Upgrades with Maayan” Whatsapp group


Audios from Emunah Upgrades with Maayan

coming soon:

As learned in Tomer Devorah…how to love ourselves and how loving how H’ made usDevorah Hadassah Learning in merit o Rav Reuven Tzvi Ben Menachem YitzhakDevorah Hadassah Thankfulness for how H’ uses Maayan to emulate the 13 attributes.Devorah Hadassah The mitzva of being called to reflect the image of H’Devorah Hadassah Modeh Ani and a bracha for a great day… maayan’s bday upcomingDevorah Hadassa Believe Every Minute Moshiach Can ComeDevorah Hadassah Lets Share GratitudeDevorah Hadassa 

Quotes from Emuanah Upgrades with Maayan

Thank you Devorah Hadassah for your sharing your incredible emunah and honest processing. So valued your expressing the importance of being real with your emotions, “keeping it real”. That’s where we meet our real self, taken by our pain to access more of our neshoma light, to touch the Hashem in us, our Emunah that can hold all of us with complete acceptance and understanding and compassion…deep love, healing us, teaching us, growing us. May it be for all of us pG ♥️. I have no doubt that Maayan knows the value of your being real with your emotions and benefits greatly from it. Wishing you continued growth and elevation that’s pumping the whole world towards its geulah. ♥️🙌🏻♥️
– Tracy Carno

I listened to you today, Devorah H. Hashem poured His love for You onto You. The hashgacha pratit and the divine moment for you as you expressed everything on your heart, in a safe place of pure love. I send you my whole heart. Of peace and of pure Love and to every women here. In that place of vulnerability, of surrender is a love so profound…I say this about the power of Love. Of love expressed in ways that we can’t always verbalize. I felt everything you said in ways I couldn’t before. I even feel me in ways I couldn’t before. Hashem’s Love is incredible. I love you with my whole heart ❤
-Sharon Stern

Maayan is a beautiful girl who along with her parents and family always inspire klal Yisrael.
They are all very caring, davening together with Maayan to help everyone find the yeshuos they need.
Maayan’s health condition, Batten’s disease, is one to which there is no answer except to keep adding
to the ahavat Yisrael that Maayan has been able to foster throughout her journey that defies the logic of her illness .
Please join in saying Tehillim together with us to ask Hashem to keep her alive and bring her to perfect health so that she may continue to be a source of Bracha to us all.

– Penina Leah

May Klal Yisroel unite to help the Lieberman Family. Please open your hearts and wallets to this urgent cause.

Please daven for the refuah sheleima (speedy recovery) of Maayan Bat Devorah Hadassa.

B’Ezras H-shem, may we share good news.



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neustadt letter.png



“When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.”
ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה

 The Three Weeks: Employing Positive Defense Mechanisms to Bring the Mashiach by Rabbi Yizchak Ginsburgh

 [min 15:03] Because of our sins, we have been exiled from our land. The reason that the 2nd Bais Hakikdash was destroyed was because of sinas chinam and hatred between people for no reason. So therefore the tikun / rectification of sinas chinam is the very opposite. The tshuva to bring Moshiach is AHAVAS CHINAM ­­– UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Just like the sin was unconditional hatred, the tikun is unconditional love.  

That is one very basic thing to bring about redemption. We should state between ourselves that “the love between ourselves is unconditional.”

There are other things that are said about the way to bring about Redemption. Pointing to some practical things we have to do, the Zohar says, the way we bring about Redemption is with Chesed and Rachamim, kindness and compassion. is through disseminating the teachings of the Zohar itself. About Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zt’l, it says “with your composition the whole world will go out of the exile / galus with mercy and compassion.”

That took a deeper meaning and dimension when the Besh’t, the Baal Shem Tov, zt’l, 1500 years later, asked Moshiach, “When are you coming?” Moshiach answered, ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה  “When your wellsprings will spread forth to the possible extreme.” 

שמה לתפילה לרפו”ש
מעיין בת דבורה הדסה

May Klal Yisroel unite to help the Lieberman Family. Please open your hearts and wallets to this urgent cause.


From US: call or whatsapp 011-972-58-687-7123
From Israel: 058-687-7123

Please daven for the refuah sheleima (speedy recovery) of Maayan Bat Devorah Hadassah.

B’Ezras H-shem, may we share good news.