Shalom ladies,
Introducing Wellsprings Coaching 💦 with Devorah Hadassah

Receive one on one mentorship as you scale your walls and develop self compassion, inner confidence, hope, meaning, gratitude, conection to H’, purpose and vision to thrive as you develop an authentic relationship with HaShem.

🔸Guidance step by step to use the power of your mind to develop the reality you’ve hoped for while developing a meaningful, communicative relationship with HaShem all while dealing with an emotional/physical/mental illness and or that of a loved one

🔸Guided mentorship to find and express the good in yourself/situation while learning to develop self compassion and self care in the process.

Spots are limited and are customized according to your personal needs with an initial consultation free!!

All inquiries are confidential – whatsapp me 0586877124 or email me in order to schedule your customized Coaching Session! (write word mentor in subject line)

Devorah Hadassah Liebermann
Thriving mother of child with “incurable” degenerative disease
MS-SLP, Meditation Coach, Co-Founder of Wellsprings of Maayan Foundation💦: Hope Found in Critical Life Situations

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Contact me for an initial free consultation
Devorah Hadassah Liebermann
0586877124/ feel free to whatsapp
Office hours: 6-9 a.m./ 3-6 p.m. Israel time email

-“Devorah Hadassah’s empathetic and compassionate coaching techniques have empowered me to connect to my highest self and while healing my inner child.”_

👍”Devorah Hadassah has helped me navigate through difficulty in using my ayin tovah when faced with challenging situations. She is thoughtful and skilled at helping to change one’s lens and re-focus on the emet at the core of one’s struggles. I highly recommend Devorah Hadassah if you’d like to make some real and lasting change in your life.”

👍”Devorah Hadassah is living proof that it is not our circumstances, no matter how difficult or painful, that determine the course of our lives, but our attitude and choices in how to think about what we make of what we are given.”

👍”Devorah Hadassah has tremendous qualities and gifts to impart: strength of spirit, a deep listener, and is a fountain of chizuk, emunah and calmness in the face of the most difficult situations.”

👍”Devorah Hadassah has a unique gift of listening and giving the most insightful encouragement during life’s most challenging times.
Her strength and faith is enfused with wisdom and deep understanding that will make your troubles melt away …….
Take advantage of this opportunity and connect with someone who is living REAL Emunah.”

👍”Devorah Hadassah is an incredible source of strength, her life experience, spiritual desire to connect to Torah wisdom and constant pursuit of personal development makes her an incredible mentor to work with!
I highly recommend working with her.”_
Devorah Benarroch, iDream, Business Consulting/Kim Bash Real Estate