Prayer of Miracles at Chanukah Candle Lighting


A prayer written by Rabbi Rachamim Bitton
and Devorah Hadassah Liebermann, mother of Ma’ayan

Creator of the World, I humbly come before You at this auspicious time
of candle lighting, to beseech You with my heart’s deepest yearning.
Av haRachamim, Master of Compassion, Compassionate Father,
I truly believe that You wish to grant me only revealed good even though I do not
merit so. In fact, I believe that You only do good, even though sometimes it is hard
to see this through the pain.
Would you help me please, oh Dear Father, to align myself with the true nature of
Your tremendous kindness hidden within the concealed good so that all my pain is
dissolved and transformed into true joy and happiness.
:ָהַפְ֣כ ָתּ ִמְסְפִּדי֘ ְל ָמח֪וֹלִ֫ל֥י ִפּ ַתְּ֣ח ָתּ ַשִׂקּ֑י וְַתּאְַזּ ֵרִ֥ני ִשְׂמ ָחֽה
You have turned my lament into dancing for me; You freed me from my sackcloth
and girded me with joy.
Would You please help me, my Dearest Father and Creator, to accept all that is, all
that has been, and all that will be, with complete acceptance, peace, and even with
love and joy. Would you help me experience Your unconditional love present in
every moment in time and through every experience in life.
I humbly and wholeheartedly beseech you, oh Dearest One, with my intention now
to connect to the Ohr haGanuz (hidden in the light) of
the candles. I ask that I be illuminated by this light, on whichever spiritual plane I
currently occupy. Even if I thought I was distant from You, I realize now there is no
distance from You. Your light penetrates and permeates all of existence. You are
the space containing all space. All of space and time is saturated by your infinite
omnipresence. I am opening up my heart and allowing myself to experience and
connect with Your great compassion and unconditional love.
You are the Source of all life and light and limitless possibility.
Nature and miracles are equal to you. All of nature is a miracle and all miracles are
as easy as nature is for you.
HaShem, please open my heart and eyes to experience and see all the miracles I
need and wish for, manifested for me in sweet and tangible ways. I have completely
let go and released my control and dependence on nature and I am relying on Your
infinite love and kindness. I have completely opened my heart to the light of your
I’m trusting You and I’m relying on You to decide the salvation and to help
me and all of us involved, in the sweetest revealed ways.
I’m trusting You to heal Ma’ayan bas Devorah Hadassah (and/or insert your
loved one’s name).
I’m depending on You to allow her tikkun to be
fulfilled in this life in a revealed, sweet and tangible way.
I have released attachment to any outcome and I’m wholeheartedly relying and
trusting in You to decide the result. You are the creator of all the universe and You
are the Decider of all that happens. You can surely bring about any tikkun that was
intended to come through the concealed good to come about through sweet and
revealed good.
Please dissolve any thoughts and feelings of doubt and worry and transform my
heart to be completely healed and empowered with clarity and peaceful certainty in
your salvation.
I claim this result in advance with complete reliance on You, my beloved Father
and Creator, I thank You already now for this salvation and for all the kindness and
miracles You have shown me and you are constantly manifesting for me and which
You will create and reveal to me again now.
Help me direct my thoughts to You and to wholeheartedly rely on
Your compassion so that the din/judgement (of my loved one [say name]) will be
revealed as tangible good in this life. I know there is only You, only kindness and
unconditional love. Ain od Milvado.